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Explore Women Scientists and Explorers

Do you ever wonder how things work? Why we get sick and how medicine makes us better? What's at the bottom of the ocean or on the moon? If you wonder about these or similar things, you are like the many women scientists who find answers to such questions.

By exploring questions, these women uncover much about the world and the things in it. Their findings help to make people healthier, the world cleaner and safer, and life more enjoyable.

Girls Explore® introduces you to some of these women explorers, such as Rachel Carson, who uncovered the dangers in pesticides; Sally Ride, the first woman in space; and Jane Goodall, the leading authority on chimpanzees.

To learn more about women who explore everything from the depths of the earth to outer space, click on the Additional Information links on the right column.

Anna Comstock Biography

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The Science Book for Girls: and Other Intelligent Beings
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For more information...
Biographies of Women Scientists
Additional Information for Women Scientists
Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International
Site about her work and the Mountain Gorillas.

Association for Women in Science
Serves as a network and information source for women in the sciences.

NASA Quest Women of NASA
This is an educational site. It lists the women of NASA by job area with a biography and a description of their job and links to other NASA educational material.

The Jane Goodall Institute
Site supports her work with Chimpanzees.

Outdoor Women Industry Council
Website for women and teenagers, with a focus on outdoor activities. Profiles of women with interest in outdoor activities.