Reviews of Girls Explore® Products
"Hands-on Game winners include...Girls Explore's Doll Sets of famous women from all walks of life."

10th annual Holiday Educational Recommended Toy List
Parenting for High Potential, September 2006
Published by the National Association for Gifted Children

"I love the concept of this product [(the Mary Cassatt Doll Set)]. It taught people of all ages, not just kids, who certain women who've made a difference are. This particular person [Mary Cassatt] was someone I hadn't heard of before. Mainly because I'm not into "art". But that didn't stop me or my family from finding out what this person was about. Including the paint pallet was a bonus, as it gave my children another resource to play with and to connet with the artist...The product promotes awarness of female roles and the very important contributions they have made to our history."

iParenting Media Awards (quote from email product review)

"This unique doll set [(Dot Richardson)] will provide your child with a positive role model as they learn more about women's history...Your child will enjoy dressing and undressing this doll as they engage in role-play fun...This is a great product for your child and will help build self-esteem."

Dr. Toy, 2005

"With many small, full-color reproductions of Cassatt's paintings, this biography does a great job of introducing the artist's work, and Ferrara's lucid commentary on the pictures is a wonderful, jargon-free appreciation of Cassatt's themes and techniques."

Hazel Rochman, The Booklist Feb 15, 2005
Published by the American Library Association

"'These women were determined, overcame obstacles and gave back to society in many different ways,' said Randy Allen, who launched Girls Explore this fall after discovering no appropriate items on toy-store shelves for her nieces. A former executive who is now consultant-in-residence and senior lecturer at Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management, she added: 'The purpose of the line of dolls and their accoutrements is not only to give girls positive role models based on contemporary and historical women but also to provide historical information and recommended books to the girls and their parents.'...Allen is a woman of achievement herself. Most recently an executive vice president of Kmart, she rose to become partner at Deloitte & Touche at a time when few women made it past the glass ceiling at major corporate consulting firms."

Cornell Chronicle, December 16th, 2004

"History buffs as well as any girl aspiring to patent a scientific breakthrough, paint a masterpiece or attain an Olympic gold can start reaching for the stars with the Girls Explore™ series: lifelike dolls,books and accessories based on women role models. The six huggable, bendable, and of course historical, 12 inch dolls and biographies now available include Amelia Earhart, Mary Cassatt, Harriet Tubman, Dot Richardson, Bessie Coleman and Babe Didrikson."

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ParentGuide Magazine

"Imagine a doll that was not only fun to play with, but was also represented a real hero - a real role model for girls!  Girls Explore has found a way to make doll play fun and educational!  We gave this Amelia Earhart doll to second grader who enjoyed the doll and book so much she took it to school.  Her teacher, in turn, used the doll and the book as a lesson in class.  Each doll is 12 inches tall and comes with her own box, biography, and fun real life accessory.  Amelia Earhart comes with a real working compass.  Both our tester, her mom and the teacher agreed that this was a great gift."

Grandparents Magazine™

"It can be quite a challenge finding the right holiday gift for a girl who is in between: not a baby any more, but not a teenager yet, either. Clothes? Odds are, your fashion sense doesn't quite match hers. Music? What are the chances you'll choose a truly cool CD? But your odds of finding the perfect present will improve greatly if you choose a gift designed to educate and inspire. The right gift this holiday season can open up whole, new avenues of interest and opportunity for the girls in your life, said Whitney Ransome and Meg Milne Moulton, Co-Executive Directors of the National Coalition of Girls Schools (NCGS)...Looking for an alternative to Barbie? Girls Explore has a new line of doll and books featuring famed aviator Amelia Earhart and gold-medal Olympian Dot Richardson. The doll sets are designed to broaden the horizon of possibilities for girls through role models in major fields of science, sports, the arts, the humanities, and business and professions."

National Coalition of Girls Schools

"Are you tired of the youth-culture's slide into vulgar indecency... or little girls being enthralled with the look (and lewd lifestyle) of Britney Spears... or girls thinking they must become Barbie doll clones? Then you might be interested in a small company that is working hard to raise the aspirations of girls by focusing their attention on real-life, positive role models: orthopedic surgeon Dot Richardson who became the first woman to hit a home run in the Olympics; Bessie Coleman who was the first black woman to receive her pilot's license; Babe Didrikson Zaharias world-renowned golfer, who won 3 Olympic medals for track and field; Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and United States. None of these women are 'glamourous' and stunningly attractive to the opposite sex. They don't have Hollywood agents and an army of marketers using sleezy devices to push them into the limelight."

Family Times Sept/Oct 2004