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Parents' Section
Are you looking for new ways to talk and connect with your daughter or son? Do you wonder how to help your daughter reach for her own star? Does she know how female astronauts decided they wanted to go into space? Could you share the excitement of female athletes learning to jump, run, and hit to gold medals? How about women who become stars in the business world? Now, Girls Explore® helps you help your daughter to reach for her own star.

Girls Explore was created to give you the tools to open the doors for your daughter to many worlds - in Science and Exploration, The Arts, Humanities and Education, Business and Sports. Girls Explore is your partner in asking the questions that will expand your experiences, your daughter's horizons and help her uncover her natural talents and experiment with new areas of interest.

Girls Explore has worked with leading educators, historians, and women of achievement to identify exciting, successful women who have reached for and grabbed the stars in a wide variety of activities, careers and life experiences. Girls Explore lets you and your daughter experience the world – and the minds, together – of these amazingly, accomplished women, who often overcome a wide range of challenges. Many of these women are pioneers in their field and had never read or heard of anyone who wanted to do what they eventually did.

Reach for a Girls Explore doll, so you and your daughter can become immersed in the exquisite details of an amazing woman's life – the successes, the failures, the days when she wanted to give up but did not, and the people who helped her along the way. Each doll comes with an amazing likeness, a biography written just for your daughter, and related educational materials if either of you want to know more. You and your daughter can also play with the tools, equipment and materials that each woman used to reach her stars. You can actually feel as if you are living through all of her experiences and imagine other accomplishments for her and more importantly, for your daughter. Perhaps, you can even reignite an old interest of yours.

Build new memories with your daughter and experience the fun of getting to know some of the most outstanding women you will ever meet. And then your daughter can reach for her own star.

Boys and Girls Explore
But what about boys, you may say? Role models, whether men or women can help encourage boys to reach and excel. We believe that boys can also benefit from learning about women who made a difference and succeeded in spite of obstacles. Use the Girls Explore products and website to help a boy explore. Talk to him about the challenges, the reaching, the values and achievement. Help him to value and appreciate women's contributions so he can value the girls he knows. Help him to understand that he can reach for his own star and dream big too.


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