Kids' Section
It's exciting to explore, to travel, to meet different people, and to try new things.

Through Girls Explore® you'll have fun learning about exploring. You'll meet women explorers from the past and present who follow their dreams to make a better world. Women who discover new medicines and make scientific breakthroughs. Women who reach new heights in sports. Women who create great works of art. Women who help other people. Women who lead successful businesses.

Explore any of these fields just by clicking on the words Science, Humanities, The Arts, Sports, or Business and Professional. Meet people such as Dot Richardson, Olympic Gold Medal Softball winner and orthopedic surgeon, or Rosa Parks, a pioneer for Civil Rights dedicated to the pursuit of equality for all. If you would like, you can take our quiz to determine which Girls Explore heroine you have the most in common with.

Learning about explorers is fun and it will help you to explore the many possibilities open to you so that you can be anything you want to be.

We would like your help. Tell us about women you would like to learn more about. If it is okay with your parents email us at with your ideas. We want to keep adding new women to inspire you.

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