Feedback from educators regarding our products
"The electronic version of the supplies is very effective and helpful...Very easy to follow...I like the idea of expanding the collection. This is an excellent start and I look forward to using this initial kit...This will be very helpful."
– Reviews from the librarians at TST (Tompkins Seneca Tioga) BOCES

"A budding female artist will really treasure this set -- it is playful, instructive, encourages creativity and affirms the value of her skill...the activities and paint set are a definite plus as is the biography; it shows how [Mary Cassatt] had to overcome obstacles and showed courage. Children can easily relate to this"
– Learning Magazine on our Mary Cassatt Doll Set

"I like highlighting women and bringing to the forefront women who have done exceptional things that many people might not know about...I think the book was very well written...and remarkable story. I like the idea that it is centered around strong women...and it sends a powerful message to young girls"
"I believe this product boosts girls self-esteem and encourages them to reach for the stars...I think biographies offer kids great perspectives...and Dot's story certainly builds self esteem in young girls"
– Learning Magazine on our Dot Richardson Doll Set

"[A Love Affair with Nature] was interesting and informative. It is inspirational for girls of all ages"
"[Children] will practice the science skills of study, observation, experimentation, research, recording, and teaches self motivation and perseverance. It shows you [that] you can make a difference no matter who you are and you can be who you want to be"
– Learning Magazine on our Anna Comstock Biography