Teachers Guide
The Program was developed by a Master in Education and a Senior Lecturer at Cornell University in coordination with teachers, master teachers and Doctors in Education. It is a standards-based learning program that is designed to educate students about women's diverse lives and accomplishments in order to broaden students' ideas about what they can accomplish in their own lives. We developed the teacher's guide to be easily usable by both teachers and educational program leaders by incorporating features such as time estimates for activities, grading rubrics, and an clear, easy to understand organization. The guide is also user-friendly in the sense that we include the original Microsoft Word files and give copyright modification permission so that you can easily and cleanly tailor it to your tastes or refine it for future use. And being standards-based makes it easy to adopt into your curriculum.
Teachers Guide
The Girls Explore Workbook is a separate component that builds upon the activities provided in this guide and allows students to further explore other role models and heroines, research their career interests, and begin planning for their futures. We suggest that you begin with the group activities in this guide before introducing the workbook. The Workbook Overview gives time suggestions and lists resources required. Students can work individually or in groups. Use the Workbook Checklist to assign activities (or to assign particular questions for each activity) and keep track of what students have completed.
For your convenience, we have PDF samples from the Teacher's Guide and the Student Workbook to help you get a better idea of what our materials are about, along with a PDF of the Educational Standards that our program supports.
Teachers GuideStudent WorkbookStudent Workbook