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Are you looking for a fun way to encourage boys and girls to explore women's history, their own interests and potential careers? Check out our Program in a Box: Her Story in History – Your Story Tomorrow designed by and for educators and leaders.

Girls Explore® broadens the horizon of possibilities for students through role models in major fields of science, sports, the arts, the humanities, and business and professions. Each of our role models is a reflection of the woman who is a leader in her field. As a student plays with a doll, she becomes interested in the person it represents, encouraging her to explore further.

We believe that active learning is a meaningful way to learn about heroines, history, and careers. The Girls Explore Program in a Box builds upon the Girls Explore biographies, dolls, and accessories to create an enriching educational experience.

The purpose of the Program is to educate students about women's diverse lives and accomplishments and to broaden their ideas about what they can accomplish in their own lives. There are a series of program elements to guide the exploration through play, research, writing, designing, and questioning.

The end goal of the Program is to empower each individual student by giving her tools to follow her interests and to plan her future.

There are a series of program elements to guide the exploration through play, research, writing, designing, questioning, and critical thinking. In it's entirety, the program in a box includes:


  • All six of our dolls with their accessories (see Customizing the Program in a Box section below)
  • Six doll stands
  • A set of 14 biographies, two for each doll and two for Anna Botsford Comstock
  • All the programmatic materials including activity packs, student's workbook, and teacher's guide materials
  • A CD containing the Microsoft Word documents supporting our materials, with copyright permission to copy, distribute, and modify within the institution.
  • A big box to conveniently package everything together
  • All this for only $240 plus shipping!
Appropriate for grades three through eight.

Using the Program
In developing the Program in a Box: Her Story in History – Your Story Tomorrow, we have designed it to be flexible and adaptable to your classroom. For most activities, students may work in groups or individually during the time range allotted for each activity. How long the activities last will vary with individual learning styles, numbers of questions chosen to be assigned, and how the program is coordinated with the school schedule. There is a suggested 4-Part program used to organize the activities provided in the Program in a Box. And you can expand the program by adding biographies of other women or men.

With the flexibility and wealth of lessons that reach across different disciplines, the Program in a Box: Her Story in History – Your Story Tomorrow can easily integrate into your curriculum in a variety of ways. The program ranges from a fun lesson plan at any time of the year, to a commemoration during Women's History Month, to support for after school programs, to any other use you'd like. It can be separated into lessons and taught in different classes or in a single class as a mix of complimentary activities. Teachers and librarians will note the flexibility of use in a variety of instructional settings.

For your convenience, we have PDF samples from the Teacher's Guide and the Student Workbook to help you get a better idea of what our materials are about, along with a PDF version of our Educator's Catalog.

The Teacher's Guide
The Program was developed by a Master in Education and a Senior Lecturer at Cornell University in coordination with teachers, master teachers and Doctors in Education. It is a standards-based learning program that is designed to educate students about women's diverse lives and accomplishments in order to broaden students' ideas about what they can accomplish in their own lives. We developed the teacher's guide to be easily usable by both teachers and educational program leaders by incorporating features such as time estimates for activities, grading rubrics, and an clear, easy to understand organization. The guide is also user-friendly in the sense that we include the original Microsoft Word files and give copyright modification permission so that you can easily and cleanly tailor it to your tastes or refine it for future use. And being standards-based makes it easy to adopt into your curriculum.

The Workbook
The Girls Explore Workbook is a separate component that builds upon the activities provided in this guide and allows students to further explore other role models and heroines, research their career interests, and begin planning for their futures. We suggest that you begin with the group activities in this guide before introducing the workbook. The Workbook Overview gives time suggestions and lists resources required. Students can work individually or in groups. Use the Workbook Checklist to assign activities (or to assign particular questions for each activity) and keep track of what students have completed.

Standards Supported – New York State example
The standards based learning in the program supports the following standards:

  • The Arts
    • Standard 1: Creating, Performing and Participating in the Arts
  • Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS)
    • Standard 1: Career Development
    • Standard 2: Integrated Learning
    • Standard 3a: Universal Foundation Skills
  • English Language Arts (ELA)
    • Standard 1: Language for Information and Understanding
    • Standard 2: Language for Literary Response and Expression
    • Standard 3: Language for Critical Analysis and Evaluation
    • Standard 4: Language for Social Interaction
  • Mathematics, Science, and Technology (MST)
    • Standard 2: Information Systems
  • Social Studies
    • Standard 1: History of the United States and New York
    • Standard 5: Civics, Citizenship, and Government

"Program in a Box" versions
We have developed four versions of the box to help tailor it to your needs and budget. All boxes come with the Teacher's/Leader's Guide, Workbook, Activity Packs and CD. They all include permission to copy for use within your group or school. The four versions are:

  • Full version with two sets (14 total) of biographies – $240
  • Full version with only one set (7 total) of biographies – $180
  • Two sets of all seven books – $150
  • One set of all seven books – $80

Customizing the Program in a Box
Our standard full version program in a box includes one of each of our dolls and an extra set of books, but we are more than happy to change that to meet your needs. Are you teaching about the civil rights movement and the struggle for freedom and equality that African Americans had to endure? How about a box with 3 Harriet Tubman dolls and 3 Bessie Coleman dolls? Or are you interested in the history of female pilots? Why not get a box with 3 Bessie Coleman and 3 Amelia Earhart dolls? Or are you looking for women athletes? Get 3 Dot Richardson and 3 Babe Didrikson Zaharias. Or maybe you're trying to get girls interested in Art and Art history. You could get an entire box of just Mary Cassatt. Let us customize our box to fit your individual lesson plan.

Ordering a "Program in a Box"
We accept orders via purchase orders, letterhead or by phone. At this time we are not able to take orders for the program in a box online.

Using our website
Our website has many links to resources and information for research projects on women and careers. We also have brief online biographies of many extraordinary women. It can be a great resource for your students.

Feedback from educators regarding our products
"The electronic version of the supplies is very effective and helpful...Very easy to follow...I like the idea of expanding the collection. This is an excellent start and I look forward to using this initial kit...This will be very helpful."
– Reviews from the librarians at TST (Tompkins Seneca Tioga) BOCES

"A budding female artist will really treasure this set -- it is playful, instructive, encourages creativity and affirms the value of her skill...the activities and paint set are a definite plus as is the biography; it shows how [Mary Cassatt] had to overcome obstacles and showed courage. Children can easily relate to this"
– Learning Magazine on our Mary Cassatt Doll Set

"I like highlighting women and bringing to the forefront women who have done exceptional things that many people might not know about...I think the book was very well written...and remarkable story. I like the idea that it is centered around strong women...and it sends a powerful message to young girls"
"I believe this product boosts girls self-esteem and encourages them to reach for the stars...I think biographies offer kids great perspectives...and Dot's story certainly builds self esteem in young girls"
– Learning Magazine on our Dot Richardson Doll Set

"[A Love Affair with Nature] was interesting and informative. It is inspirational for girls of all ages"
"[Children] will practice the science skills of study, observation, experimentation, research, recording, and teaches self motivation and perseverance. It shows you [that] you can make a difference no matter who you are and you can be who you want to be"
– Learning Magazine on our Anna Comstock Biography

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