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Dot Richardson "Surgeon in the Infield" 13x19 Poster

Dot Richardson
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It's no small feat to become an orthopedic surgeon, let alone to do so while balancing a strong passion for Softball. Dot Richardson managed this feat, and not only made it to the Olympics for her passion, Softball, but made it twice and walked away with two gold medals to show for it.

Dot Richardson is a great role model for all of us and not just in what she says, but in what she does and in all her accomplishments. And no matter what anyone said nor what society told her she should be, she never gave up her dream and persisted and worked hard to live it and become what she is today.

With the picture of Dot at her first Olympic games, a picture of her in her medical uniform and medals, and her inspirational saying, this poster brings your daughter the inspiration she needs to follow her dreams and a vision of what she can be.

This poster is a full color, high resolution 8.5 x 11 inch print on glossy paper suitable for framing or for just hanging up on the wall.

About Dot Richardson
"Helping people as a doctor is like receiving a gold medal every day." That's how Dr. Dot Richardson ties together her life as star softball player and orthopedic surgeon. "I love surgery," she said. "It's like playing sports. It's a challenge. In the operating room, it takes a team effort to perform the best for the person who has entrusted their life to you."

Dot worked hard at being the best softball player and doctor she could be. She threw, batted, and caught softballs all through elementary and high school; through college and medical school. While a doctor in residency, she'd often work 20-hour shifts at the hospital and then go to the softball field to practice.

Her dedication brought her awards in college, world championships and the Pan American games. In 1996, Dot became the first woman to hit a home run in the Olympics. She also hit two others, including one in the final game. As she stood with her USA teammates to receive the Olympic gold medal, Dot's lifetime dream had come true.

But she wasn't finished. Soon Dot was back at work at the hospital. Was she unhappy? Not at all. "Medicine is very fulfilling to me," she said, "because I am able to help people. And nothing satisfies me more."

Four years later Dot led the USA team to another gold medal in the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. Today she is the Director and Medical Director for the USA Center for Sports and Health in Clermont, Florida.

What advice does Dot offer young girls? You will succeed in sports, schoolwork, a career, and anything you do, when you try "to be the best that you can be."

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