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Girls Explore is, first and foremost, dedicated to the idea that girls can do or be anything they want.

Sitting around the holiday table during the fall of 2002, my sisters and I were lamenting the lack of certain types of toys for girls. We concluded that this led to the difficulty girls have in finding role models and getting good information about careers, often resulting in limited ambitions. Over the next several months that conversation and others led to the concept for Girls Explore.

Girls Explore broadens the horizon of possibilities for girls through role models in major fields of science, sports, the arts, the humanities, and business and professions. Each doll is a reflection of the woman who is a leader in her field. We hope our women role model dolls spark topics of interest and education for girls and boys to explore their potential.

We have developed dolls based on contemporary and historical women role models. These dolls are modeled after real women and can be used for play or just collecting.
Our dolls have lifelike faces created from 3D computer scans, are authorized images, and have historically accurate costumes. We believe using realistic faces and bodies reinforces positive body images in children. Each doll comes with a toy for your child, a biography of the woman, and a related activity set. We believe that play and visual materials can encourage girls and boys to explore many areas and develop positive role models for life.

In addition, Girls Explore offers biographies on each person represented in the doll collection. As young people read the biographies on the women, they are learning what it takes to succeed in certain fields and the values that will help them throughout life. They also become aware of the many different careers as options for themselves.

If you'd like to know more about Girls Explore, or have suggestions for us, please contact us via email at Info@Girls-Explore.com . Please continue to visit us as we develop products and information to help girls and boys explore their interests and potential. Thank you.


 Ms. Randy L. Allen