Mary Cassatt Educational Doll and Biography

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Artist of the Tender Moment Mary Cassatt always wanted to be an artist. But to reach her goal, she had to overcome many barriers. At the time Mary lived, people frowned on girls from wealthy families having a career. Her parents did not want her living the “odd” life they thought artists lived. Few art schools even accepted girls and women as students. And the “art world” held one idea of what painting should be but Mary had a different idea.Mary did not give in to these prejudices. After much travel, study, and hard work, she won over her parents and the critics. Today Mary Cassatt’s “impressionist” paintings hang in the most prestigious museums and collections throughout the world. She helped change attitudes that for so long kept women from their dreams. She even played a part in winning the right for women to vote.

The Mary Cassatt doll set includes the 12 inch Mary doll dressed in realistic clothing with her own miniature basket, a hard bound biography about Mary, and a set of watercolor paints and artist's pad.

$ 39.99

"Imagine a doll that was not only fun to play with, but was also represented a real hero - a real role model for girls! Girls Explore has found a way to make doll play fun and educational! We gave this Amelia Earhart doll to a second grader who enjoyed the doll and book so much she took it to school. Her teacher, in turn, used the doll and the book as a lesson in class."  Grandparents Magazine™

Great alternative to princesses and barbies "After scouring the internet, I came across this product & I know my daughter will love it. I don't like most girl's dolls, because they usually promote our culture's obsession with beauty. I was so glad to find this - finally a heroine my daughter can learn about, admire, and hopefully be inspired by. Thanks for a great product." – K. Hansen

Fun & Educational "My daughter (7) and I love this! She chose Amelia Earhart for the topic of her school report. I was looking for books she could read for research and came across this gem. The doll & compass make the book even better."  – JudyV

 "I like highlighting women and bringing to the forefront women who have done exceptional things that many people might not know about. I like the idea that it is centered around strong women...and it sends a powerful message to young girls." Learning Magazine

 "My daughter learned about Amelia Earhart at school. I was surprised when my daughter came home one day and was so excited to tell me about what she had learned about Amelia. She said, "mom, did you know Amelia Earhart was a pioneer?" I said "yes, she was." Then she went on to tell me about Amelia's accomplishments. I knew I had to get anything Amelia Earhart for her birthday. After searching online, this was the only place I could find an Amelia Earhart doll. I know my daughter is going to love her." – Priscilla

"The electronic version of the supplies is very effective and helpful...Very easy to follow. I like the idea of expanding the collection. This is an excellent start." The librarians at TST (Tompkins Seneca Tioga) BOCES

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