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Inspiring Young Girls with Her Writing

Being a young girl is tough and sometimes it's difficult for adults to relate to situations that young girls go through. Megan Shull is an acclaimed female writer that has inspired many adolescent girls by writing novels from their point of view. Having a Doctorate from Cornell University in Psychology, Megan believes that " have a way of showing you what's important".

Megan Shull grew up in Ithaca, New York and, following in her older sisters foot steps, fell in love with hockey at a young age. Megan gave everything to hockey. In 1981, she went to Nationals in Massachusetts; she was 12 at the time. She later went to Nationals again, this time in Michigan, in 1986. Being only 17, she helped her team take home the title of third place.

Shull never gave up even when she suffered a serious back injury that forced her Hockey career to a halt. Not being able play hockey was hard for Megan because she loved it so much. But persistence and optimism pulled her through and Megan found a new outlet; she became a writer.

Megan has written for American Girl, as well as for Hyperion Books. Hyperion Books is a publishing company who focuses on inspiring children to develop their imagination along with furthering their education. Yours Truly, Skye O'Shea, and Skye's The Limit are included in her American Girl books; and Amazing Grace is released under Hyperion. Young girls across the country have found her books touching and truthful to what it is like to be a young girl. Megan is currently working on her next book entitled, Penelope: A Girl's Manifesto.

Megan continues to inspire young girls everywhere by understanding that young girls need to exercise their imaginations as well as reach for there goals. For example, she has done this by contributing to the Ithaca hockey scene by starting what is called the "Cub Club" at Cornell University. The Cub Club's goal is to provide young female hockey players the opportunity to shadow Cornell women's ice hockey players. This lets them learn and grow not only as hockey players, but as people as well.

Megan Shull also has participated in the Girls on the Move program. This was a bike trip that focused on the idea that girls should strive to achieve their goals. Even though Megan was worried about whether she would be able to handle the nearly 4,000 mile bike ride, she knew that it was important to let girls across the country know that goals are important. With the knowledge that girls were looking to her as a role model and the belief that role models help people achieve their goals, Megan decided that she needed to go on the long bike ride from Portland, Oregon to New York City.

Megan Shull is a great author that focuses on making sure young girls achieve their goals and reach their full potential. She believes self-esteem and the strength to overcome obstacles in order to reach one's goals are important. Through her work and achievements, Megan Shull has given confidence to many young girls across the country.

"Megan Shull is inspiring to me", writes alexandra4415 on the Girls Inc. Community, "she has written back to me and is really nice! Her books are great!"

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