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Mary Cassatt Educational Doll and Biography

Mary Cassatt Educational Doll and Biography

Mary Cassatt Educational Doll and Biography

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Artist of the Tender Moment Mary Cassatt always wanted to be an artist. But to reach her goal, she had to overcome many barriers. At the time Mary lived, people frowned on girls from wealthy families having a career. Her parents did not want her living the "odd" life they thought artists lived. Few art schools even accepted girls and women as students. And the "art world" held one idea of what painting should be but Mary had a different idea. Mary did not give in to these prejudices. After much travel, study, and hard work, she won over her parents and the critics. Today Mary Cassatt's "impressionist" paintings hang in the most prestigious museums and collections throughout the world. She helped change attitudes that for so long kept women from their dreams. She even played a part in winning the right for women to vote.

  • The Mary Cassatt doll, in a dress and bonnet similar to what she wore in one of her self portraits.
  • The Mary Cassatt doll comes with a basket that she might have carried her food or art supplies in
  • A paint set and artist pad for your girl to use to make her own masterpieces
  • Mary Cassatt biography: In Mary Cassatt: The Life and Art of a Genteel Rebel, your girl can follow in the steps of this courageous woman. Your child will learn how Mary overcame centuries of prejudice to become one of the most renowned artists of all time. 104 pages, For ages 8 and up, containing many color photos of Mary Cassatt's paintings.
  • Mary Cassatt activity pack for further fun and exploration
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